F*** Yeah Thrilling Adventure Hour

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She Blinded Me (With Lots and Lots of Laserfire) - Mansion - The Thrilling Adventure Hour [Archive of Our Own]


Back in January, I was just like… broken in my brain, and I wrote this for annakie while she was at busy at her D&D game one night, but was convinced that nobody else would ever care to read it, which is DUMB because it’s Sparks and Red fighting a mad science monster and the jokes are pretty good.

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Photos from 3/5


Our old pal, photographer Rachael Porter, came to our 9th anniversary show in March and took some of her typically stunning portraits. More up tomorrow.


                                                Hal Lublin


                                                   Jere Burns


                                            Maria Thayer


                                          James Urbaniak


                                            Paul F. Tompkins


                                          Paget Brewster


                         Barry Corbin and Marc Evan Jackson

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